HB30: End same day voter registration

Proponents of this bill cite long lines, inability to verify registration details, and potential for registration fraud as reasons for this measure that would prevent significant numbers of Montanans from voting in state-wide elections. During the first hearing of the bill, proponents could not provide any data where fraudulent same day registrations had been provided, nor did they have responses for assertions by the Yellowstone election commission staff that the 2012 voting snafu's in Yellowstone county were the result of consolidating voting places in Yellowstone county and inadequate numbers of poll workers at the new locations.

This bill is simply an attempt to place voting registration hurdles in front of mobile workers, students, retired people, new community members, first time voters, and people whose voter registration attempts were not entered correctly by the county or the state.

Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy, a right and needs to be promoted. Voter registration should be made easier, through every means possible.

We hope this bill dies a quick, fiery death.