This effort grew out of dissatisfaction with Montana newspaper and blog coverage of events affecting the quality of life for the citizens of Montana.

We're going to take a new approach to surface thoughtful opinions about issues, people, and events that affect our lives. Our primary purpose is to illuminate these activities and address them in a logical fashion.

Our primary perspective is pragmatic: will it work based on past experience best expressed through empirical data. We will probably ridicule positions that rest on suspension of the laws of physics, acceptance of status quo conceptions of political reality, and boorish, uncivil personal behavior.

Our goal is to promote the quality of civil discourse by highlighting good examples of respectful, polite and insightful expressions and behavior. And, as a counterpoint, we will point out egregious examples of the kind of boorish, impolite, and rude behavior that needs to change to improve the social and cultural climate of this great state.