CCA: How can you know when you refuse to ask the question?

The Correctional Corporatio of America refuses to ask how many rapes occur in it's facilities. And so, we ask, how many rapes occur each year in it's Shelby facility? How many of those are rapes by employees on inmates?

The corporate owner/operator of the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby, was recently asked by one of it's shareholders to look at the issue of prison rape within it's facilities, and specifically, how many rapes have occured in its facilities by employees against inmates. And it refused.

A recent article about the work of Alex Friedman and his efforts to make the operations of CCA facilities more transparent and humane revealed a disturbing number of problematic practices by a corporation used by both the State of Montana and the US Marshalls Service. 

CCA is concerned that bad publicity will drive down the value of it's publicly-traded shares and reduce its ability to acquire more facilities and house more inmates. Our concern is, why should the State of Montana, and therefore each of its citizens, be supporting an institution that refuses to operate in a transparent manner, and apparently treats it's "customers" worse than animals. Gladiator schools  in Idaho? Really?