Senate Committee on Local Government Hearing, Jan 16, 2013

What could have been a contentious hearing between developers and planned growth and environomental organizations in the Senate Committee on Local Government hearings today. Under consideration were three bills dealing with issues related to subdivision approval and municipal competitive bidding laws for contract less than $100K.

Even though SB41 is a version of a bill vetoed in the last session, and there were clear ideological differences between supporters of "private property rights" and supporters of "community planning efforts," both sides argued respectfully, conceded amendments when they made sense (regardless of who submitted them). With the notable exception of the speaker who was arguing in favor of SB77 referring to a strong negotiation as, "we jewed 'em down to...", the Senators and speakers kept the tone of the discussion civil, productive, and enlightening to unsophisticated audiences. 

Kudos to the Senators and witnesses at this hearing! Would that we could follow your example with the rest of this legislative session.