HB108: Require drivers license or "real" state ID to vote

HB108 changes the definition of acceptable IDs to be presented prior to casting a vote, and increases to 60 days the minimum residency requirement in order to get that ID. It will not recognize US passports, military IDs, student ID or any other forms of identification other than state drivers license, state "Real ID", and tribal IDs.

Opponents state that the issue this was meant to address, individual voter fraud, doesn't exist to any appreciable extent. At the initial public hearing, there were no proponents to the bill, and dozens of opponents who stated that the bill imposes unnecessary government regulations, costs, privacy (DOB would be public info).

The sponser, Rep. Washburn, is either exceptionally stupid or a breathtaking dissembler. He did not directly answer any questions regarding the bills legal implication, only answering specific questions of fact about the bill. Rep. Washburn, thoughout his presentation and response to questions, did not acknowledge or address any contingent costs to obtaining the "MT real ID."

Clearly this bill is a direct attempt to disenfrancise Montana citizens who do not drive, especially students, military personnel, senior citizens, immigrants.