The Correctional Corporatio of America refuses to ask how many rapes occur in it's facilities. And so, we ask, how many rapes occur each year in it's Shelby facility? How many of those are rapes by employees on inmates?


Let's play a game called, "Figure out the Helena Independent Record's automatic comment filter function."

The IR published a story about former MT Tea Party president Tim Ravndal's accusations of corruption in the halls of Broadwater County today: http://helenair.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/fleiner-under-investiga...


On Friday, in a straight party line vote, the House State Administration Committee voted 11-7 in favor of HB30, a bill to eliminate same-day voter registration.

According to Montana Secretary of State, Linda McCulloch, 28,329 people have registered and voted on election days since 2005. These are people who wanted to vote but weren't pre-registered because, according to testimoney before the committe vote:


Duke Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law has published an article that provides statistical and anecdotal detail on how fetal "personhood" laws impact the treatment of pregnant women in state courts. 

Between 1973 and 2005 (i.e. post-Roe v Wade), over 600 women have been charged with felonies and other crimes as a result of fetal death or possible fetal injury. 

This report provides empirical counterpoints to the arguments by proponents of HB104 that these laws are intended to protect the rights of mothers. 


We're launching today. Listening to hearings online made me realize its time to begin.